Roberto Chabet


Born in Manila, 1937. Architectural graduate. Self-taught artist. Six individual exhibitions at The Luz Gallery since 1961. Active participation in local group shows. Prolific and multifaceted, Chabet has ventured into architecture, painting, printmaking, sculpture, stage designing, teaching and writing. Curator of the Cultural Center Museum for two years. Represented in the collections of the National Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, Cultural Center, and several private collections.

Since the 1960’s, Roberto Chabet has been one of the noted founders of the avant-garde or experimental movement in the Philippines. Roberto Chabet won the 1973 Araw ng Maynila award in recognition of his diverse experimental shows. The artist has held many roles in his career, notably that of the first curator of the museum of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and long time professor at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.


A Cloth Bag
25 x 20 cm w