Pacita Abad


Born 1946 — Died 2004.

Pacita’s most extensive body of work is her vibrant, colorful abstract work – many very large scale canvases, but also a number of small collages – on a range of materials from canvas and paper to bark cloth, metal, ceramics and glass. Pacita also worked on limited edition prints with STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute), as seen in the works below.

Abad created over 4,500 artworks. She painted a 55-meter long Alkaff Bridge in Singapore and covered it with 2,350 multicolored circles, just a few months before she died.

“I always see the world through color, although my vision, perspective and paintings are constantly influenced by new ideas and changing environments. I feel like I am an ambassador of colors, always projecting a positive mood that helps make the world smile.”


Join the Circle 9/20
lithograph edition
137 x 112 cm w