Manual Antonio Rodriguez Sr.


Born January 1, 1912, Manual Antonio Rodriguez Sr is a Filipino printmaker. He was one of the pioneers of printmaking in the Philippines and is dubbed as the “Father of Philippine Printmaking”. Rodriguez is also the first Filipino to have exhibited his prints in biennial shows held outside the country. He also established the Philippine Association of Printmakers in 1968.

Initially, a painter, Rodriguez’s affair with printmaking began in the late 1930s. By the 1950s, Rodriguez went all the way to focus on printmaking, leading to his role in contributing to the development of printmaking in the Philippines, amidst critiques noting that it was a “dead medium”, something which Rodriguez eventually proved to be a false assumption.

Rodriguez said that the subjects for his painting “The Boy and the Carabao” was a self-portrait painted during his younger years in Cebu.


The Boy on the Carabau
Etching on paper
21 x 16 cm w