Galo Ocampo


OcampoExcerpt from Modernity and Beyond
— Themes in Southeast Asian Art
Published by Singapore Art Museum
Pages 182/183 

Title Edades, Francisco, G Ocampo
oil on canvas
255 x 271 cm w
Collection of Eleuterio M. Pascual, Philippines 

Galo Ocampo (1913-1983), together with Victirio Edades and Carlo Francisco revolted against academic conservationism and launched a crusade to stimulate the development of modernism.Immediately after the time of colonialism, Ocampo, Edades and Francisco fought to portray indigenous culture.Ocampo’s true stylistic painting became evident in the mid-50s.

Ocampo taught one of the artists whose work is shown in Art Forum gallery, Angelito Antonio.

The painting of ‘farmers’ though painted in 1980, Ocampo still cannot forego memories of the depressed condition of farmers, green with blue always exude this mood.

Ocampo’s work is in the collection of the National Gallery Singapore.


oil on board
120 x 120 cm w